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Are you looking to navigate the intricacies of visa applications and immigration processes in the Philippines? FilePino is here to be your trusted partner every step of the way. With our expertise and dedication, we make the visa application process smooth and hassle-free, ensuring that you can focus on what matters most – achieving your goals in the Philippines.

Our Visa Services

Work Visas: Planning to work in the Philippines? Our work visa services streamline the application process, making it easier for expatriates and businesses to secure the necessary permits. Whether you’re seeking employment opportunities or looking to bring in foreign talent, we’ve got you covered.

Invest Visas: Interested in investing in the Philippines? Our invest visa services assist you in securing the permits required to pursue your investment ventures in the country. From treaty trader visas to non-quota immigrant visas, we provide comprehensive solutions for investors.

Stay Visas: Dreaming of making the Philippines your home? Our stay visa services help you obtain the necessary permits for long-term residence. Whether you’re retiring in paradise or joining family members in the Philippines, we’ll guide you through the process with ease.

Types of Visas Available in the Philippines

Did you know that citizens of most countries can enter the Philippines without a visa? If you’re a national of any of the 151 countries listed on the Philippine Bureau of Immigration’s Memorandum Circular No. RADJR-2013-006, you’re welcome to visit the Philippines without a visa under the following conditions:

  • Your stay is for a maximum of 30 days.
  • Your passport remains valid for at least six months beyond your intended stay in the Philippines.
  • You possess an outward bound or return ticket to your next destination or country of origin.

If you plan to extend your stay beyond 30 days, whether for tourism, work, or investment purposes, obtaining a visa is necessary. Various visa types cater to specific purposes:

  • Temporary Visitor’s Visa for Tourism or Business: This visa allows stays longer than 30 days and may be extended by applying for an Extension of Stay before its expiry.
  • Special Non-Immigrant Visa: Granted for pre-arranged employment, business purposes, transit, or study visits.
  • Non-Quota Immigrant Visa: Applies to spouses or children of Filipino nationals and returning natural-born Filipinos with different citizenship.
  • Quota Immigrant Visa: Limited to 50 visas annually for foreign nationals with significant financial capital or extraordinary skills.
  • Special Resident Retiree’s Visa: Granted to those seeking permanent residence with multiple-entry privileges, subject to minimum deposit investments.
  • Special Investor’s Resident Visa: Awarded to foreign nationals investing at least US$75,000 in qualified economic activities, allowing indefinite stay upon fulfilling investment requirements.
  • Student Visa: For foreign nationals accepted by Philippine Higher Education Institutions.
  • Treaty Trader Visa (9(D) Visa): Available to citizens of the US, Germany, or Japan planning to invest or work in a company with significant investments in the Philippines.
  • Employment Visa (9(G) Visa): Granted to foreign nationals hired by Philippine-based companies for specialized skills. Initial validity ranges from one to three years, extendable up to 10 years.


Holders of a 9(G) visa must also obtain one or more of the following working permits:

Alien Employment Permit

for employment periods exceeding six months.

Special Work Permit

for employment periods below six months.

Provisional Permit to Work

required pending approval of the 9(G) visa application.

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New to doing a business in the Philippines or launching a start up company? Avoid the hassle of painful paperwork and register your business fast!

Setting up a company in the Philippines requires you to register your business with government agencies like the BIR, SSS, Philhealth and PagIbig

New to doing a business in the Philippines or launching a start up company? Avoid the hassle of painful paperwork and register your business fast!


FilePino makes it easy for you. We have the most common Philippine business contracts and forms that are available for download.

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