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      Have staffing needs?

      FilePino can act as an extension of your HR office by doing recruitment and executive search for your start-up company.

      HR & Recruitment Consulting

      At FilePino, our goal is to help you successfully navigate your way through the hassle of launching a new business in the Philippines – this includes providing support in human resource management and recruitment. We’ll take care of sourcing English-speaking professionals and pre-screening candidates for interview for any position in an outsourcing, IT or call centre office office.

      Our Recruiting Services

      The Philippines is well-known for having a highly-skilled, English-speaking workforce, but it can often be difficult for foreign companies to find the right talent they need. That’s what we’re here for. We have the resources, knowledge and experience necessary to help locate the right people for you, whether your organization is in need of creatives, sales, IT professionals, call center agents, supervisors or project managers.

      The Process

      More than 450,000 Filipinos graduate college every year, providing companies with a wide pool of fresh talent. The Philippines has long been one of the world’s BPO capitals, so there’s also no shortage of experienced professionals who have worked in the outsourcing industry. Our team will help you map out your workforce needs, provide you with insights on Philippine labor laws, and connect you with the best possible candidates for the positions that need filling. Depending on your requirements, we will match you with the most suitable licensed agencies and/or create and manage your own direct recruitment campaign.

      Position Types

      We help companies of all sizes build their ideal workforce. Get in touch with us if you need IT professionals such as web developers, designers, virtual assistants and system administrators; executive assistants; accountants and bookkeepers; call center agents; sales and marketing professionals; and so on. We can also you put you in touch with experienced expat managers who are already familiar with the local culture and the Philippine BPO industry.

      Employment Types
      • The main types of employment in the Philippines are regular, project, seasonal, casual, and fixed period. It’s useful to become familiar with the different types since each carries with it its own set of qualifications, limitations and expected benefits.Regular – Also known as permanent employment. Regular employees have the right to security of tenure and cannot be terminated without just cause. Typically employers require employees to finish a probationary period (no more than 6 months) before they are “regularized”.

      • Project – A project employee works on a specific project, the length of which must be stipulated in the contract.

      • Seasonal – When the work that needs to be performed is at a specific time of the year, employers hire seasonal employees.

      • Casual – Employees are considered casual when the work that they do is not considered necessary in the employer’s usual business and if they are employed for a definite agreed-upon time. Take note that casual employees who have been providing services for at least one year are considered regular employees.

      • Fixed-Period – In this employment type, the beginning and end dates of the employment period are stipulated in the contract. It has strict requirements, including proving absence of duress.

      Our HR Services

      Having the right people in place is just the first step in building a company’s workforce. To ensure that your business will perform at the highest levels of efficiency, productivity and with the least chance of a future labor case, proper human resource management is essential. FilePino has labor lawyers and HR specialists to assist your HR department. Here are some of the ways we can help.

      Employment Contracts

      An employment contract that’s properly prepared is not only the best defense for disputes that may arise, it also provides employees with a sense of security and helps build confidence in your company. A deep knowledge of Philippine labor laws is necessary when drafting contracts.

      Company Manual and Policy

      We have HR specialists who will sit down with you and help you write a company manual that’s tailored to your Philippine office. A good company manual should not only help establish what the company culture is going to be, it should also comply with Philippine labor laws and policies.

      Salary Structure and Benefits

      Determining what salary structure and benefit packages to offer your employees is another crucial process for your business. Our HR consultants and lawyers will provide advice regarding the actual pay structure creation and give you insights on what the pay levels are for specific positions.


      For companies that don’t have the full-time HR and recruitment team that they need, we have a support staff that are more than ready to help. We have professional consultants, administrative assistants and payroll experts who can help you with all the paperwork.

      Starting a Business

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      BPO Consulting

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      Free Business Contracts

      FilePino makes it easy for you. We have the most common Philippine business contracts and forms that are available for download.

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