Driver’s Background Check with the LTO and Previous Employers

Driver’s Background Check with the LTO and Previous Employers

Driving around Metro Manila is one of the most convenient ways of getting from point A to point B. To be able to use a vehicle as a mode of transportation, you must first secure a driver’s license. A driver’s license serves as proof that the holder is competent in his skills in operating the vehicle and that he knows the various traffic rules and regulations.



When hiring a driver, it is important that one must conduct a background check to ensure that the driver is qualified with the necessary skill set for the job, and of course to ensure that this person is trustworthy.


In doing a screening on the qualifications of the driver that you are hiring, you are making sure that your safety and security is well taken care of. Having a skilled driver keeps you at peace knowing that since traffic rules and regulations are followed, it would lessen the chances of you getting into an accident.


Some of the qualifications that you can check is if the driver has a valid driver’s license, Clean driving record, Strong commitment for safety, Excellent navigational skills and good communication and interpersonal skills.


The license must not have expired for the driver to be able to work. If not, the driver must then apply for a renewal. Another aspect that must be looked into is if the driver has any drug or alcohol-related offenses. Motor vehicle-related violations can also be looked into such as reckless driving. Having a checklist of qualifications when hiring can definitely help you determine the best-fit candidates.


In order to hire a driver you must need to know first what are the common background checks on how to get a personal driver:


Personal Identity – Verifying employee’s identity such as personal information, residential address and contact information.
Driving Status – One thing to ensure your safety is to know their driving status, drivers should be careful when driving to avoid any accidents.
Employment Records – It is important to verify an employee’s work history to get an idea on their work ethic and about their past performance.
Criminal Records – One of the requirements when applying for a job is a NBI clearance, it helps you to identify if the applicant has a clean record and to ensure that person is trustworthy.
Drug History – Drug testing can also help employers identify applicants who may be at risk for substance abuse. It can also give an insight into how well an employee may perform a certain role or task.


If an employer fails to background check the applicants whom they hire for a position may be liable for negligent retention if the employee is later involved in illegal activities. Conducting a background check is your chance to verify the information provided by the applicant. It can also help you to reveal if the information they provided was either mistakenly or intentionally omitted.

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