Change of Office Address in the Philippines

Change of Office Address in the Philippines

When you start your business, one of the key ingredients to increase productivity or performance is location. Having a prime location will not only boost your business, but it will also attract your target audience. This will be a big boost your starting company will need.


Once a location is established, and your business steadily grows, you may either want to change or expand your location to reach more clientele or to accommodate your manpower, products, or equipment.


How to Transfer your Business Address


The process of changing your company’s business address is simple but it will require a number of documents. This will also depend whether you are transferring within the same city, or to another city in the Philippines. Below are the tips in changing your business address:


Note: These apply only to corporations registered with the SEC


For Change of Address in the Same City

  • File General Information Sheet (GIS) with new address
  • Register in your New Address
  • Destruction of Receipts / Use Rubber Stamp (if only minor to correct)


1. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Level

  • Board Resolution, Secretary Certificate, Minutes of the Meeting
  • GIS (new address) and Board Resolution for GIS filing

Estimated Timeline: Filing of GIS is within 2 to 5 days upon online submission of requirements


2. Barangay Level

  • Request Letter Addressed to Chairman for the Change of Address
  • New Contract of Lease
  • New Barangay Clearance


3. BPLO Level

  • Affidavit of Change Address
  • Original Business Permit
  • Original Sanitary Permit (not applicable in Makati)
  • Picture of Establishment
  • Lease of Contract (with area in sqm)
  • Amended SEC/GIS for Principal Address
  • GIS with Secretary Certificate or Board Resolution
  • Affidavit of Undertaking (No Gaming activity)
  • Certificate of No Gaming (Lessor)
  • Board Resolution/ Secretary Certificate (Change of Address)
  • Letter Request to process Change of Address
  • Board Resolution/Sole Owner’s Resolution and Secretary’s Certificate (Affidavit of Undertaking)
  • Affidavit of No rent and consent

Note: Requirements may vary depending on the city.

Estimated Timeline: Upon filing of the application is 1 – 2 months, assuming all requirements of the new address are complete, no delays from LGUs, and no quarantine protocol is implemented.


4. BIR Level

  • Form 1905
  • Sec Cert (BIR and ATP)
  • Letter request to process Change of Address
  • Request for Rubber Stamp
  • Inventory of Used and Unused Receipts
  • Transfer Commitment Form
  • Annex D (Inventory of Used and Unused Receipts)
  • Form 1906
  • SPA (Process Change of Address)

Estimated Timeline: Filing of Requirements with the BIR will is within 1 – 2 months


5. Statutories

  • PhilHealth
  • SSS
  • Pag-IBIG


For Change of Address in Different City

  • Amendment of Articles Of Incorporation (AOI)
  • Retirement in Old Address
  • Registration in New Address
  • Destruction of Receipts
  • BIR Change of Address
  • Application for New ATP
  • Statutory change of address


1. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Level

  • Cover Sheet for Amendment
  • Directors Certificate
  • Amendment of AOI
  • Secretary Certificate of No Intra-Corporate Dispute
  • Board Reso, Sec Cert, Minutes of the Meeting – Corporate Housekeeping
  • GIS (new address) and Board Reso for GIS filing

Estimate Timeline: 3 – 4 months, assuming that all requirements are complete, no delays from SEC and no quarantine protocol implemented


2. Barangay Level


For Old Address,

  • Request Letter addressed to Chairman (Change of Address)
  • Original Brgy Clearance and Plate


This is to be surrendered to the Barangay.

  • Authorization Letter
  • Valid ID


For New Address,

  • Letter Request
  • New Contract of Lease
  • Amended AOI
  • Authorization Letter
  • Valid ID


3. BPLO Level (Registration)

  • Duly accomplished Form
  • Amended AOI
  • Lease of Contract (with area in sqm)
  • PEZA Registration Certificate (if PEZA Registered)
  • Application Form for Locational Clearance
  • Certificate of Conformance
  • Barangay Clearance/Barangay Plate
  • Occupancy Permit
  • Tenant Certificate
  • Sketch of Location
  • 3R Photo of the Establishment/ Working Area
  • Secretary Certificate Authorizing a Representative to process the Business Permit
  • Annex B – Board Resolution Authorizing the Affiant
  • List of Employees with their Residential address, SSS and Philhealth numbers
  • Occupational Permit including employees medical result such as: X-Ray, Urinalysis, Fecalysis, Drug Test
  • 1×1 Picture of Employee (2 pcs)
  • Insurance
  • Cedula
  • Fire Certificate
  • Sanitary Permit
  • Barangay Clearance/Barangay Plate

Estimated Timeline: 7 months, depending on the City and assuming all requirements of the new address are complete, no delays from the concern LGUs and no quarantine protocol


4. BIR

  • Form1905
  • Sec Cert (BIR and ATP)
  • Photocopy of Amended Articles of Incorporation
  • Photocopy of Business Permit
  • Photocopy of Contract of Lease of the new business address
  • Request Letter address
  • Original COR
  • Transfer Commitment Form
  • Board Resolution Change of Address
  • Secretary Certificate Change of Address
  • Sample Receipts
  • Paid ARF current year
  • Paid DST Rent
  • Tax Verification Routing Slip
  • Annex “D” – Destruction of Old Receipt
  • Inventory of Used and Unused receipts
  • Form 1906 (attached hereto is the previous ATP, new COR, and paid ARF)

Estimated Timeline: 7 – 8 months for old RDO and 2 – 3 months for new RDO, assuming all requirements are complete, company is compliant with the filing of BIR returns, no delays from the concern BIR RDOs and no quarantine protocol


5. Statutories

  • PhilHealth
  • SSS
  • Pag-IBIG


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