Why your company should outsource in the Philippines

Why your company should outsource in the Philippines

For companies looking for solutions to improve the efficiency of their operations while also cutting down on costs, outsourcing presents an elegant solution that effectively addresses both needs.
The Philippines is one of the most attractive options when it comes to choosing the ideal location to establish an offshore business presence. Here are seven reasons that explain why:

Globally competitive talent 

If you are looking for top-tier talent, the Philippines will provide you with exactly what you are looking for. Whether you need digital marketing specialists, customer service representatives, or bookkeepers and accountants, the Filipino workforce will give you the advantage.
This country has a highly educated population, with a variety of top-rated schools offering a high quality programs for tertiary and postgraduate education. Young Filipinos are trained in skills that are in-demand not only domestically but also worldwide.

Diversity and flexibility  

Not only are Filipinos skilled professionals, they are eager continuous learners with sharp technological savvy, as well. With an innate, keen interest in new trends and developments that happen around them, Filipinos are adept at adjusting to emerging trends quickly and seamlessly.
Use this to your company’s advantage and enjoy ease and convenience when you integrate new business methodologies and strategies into your operations. 

Excellent work ethic and team-oriented culture 

On top of formal qualifications, Filipino professionals are crafty and resourceful. They are natural problem-solvers with the right mindset when faced with a challenge.
In addition, Filipinos are known for bringing a warm and vibrant attitude wherever they go. The local culture also has what is called the “bayanihan” spirit, which refers to a strong sense of community and collaboration, often used to achieve a common goal.
When you work with a team with these qualities, you can rest assured that your business is in excellent hands. Outsourcing to a Filipino team means that you are entrusting the vital processes and functions of your business to people who know how to combine talent, passion, and effort with genuine camaraderie.

Ease of communication 

Filipinos take pride in their fluency in the English language, which serves as the perfect complement to their already impressive range of technical skills. Majority of Filipinos learn English as a second language from their childhood through their years in formal education.
As professionals, Filipinos bring this advantage in both verbal and written communication. This means you no longer have to worry about any language barriers getting in the way of the growth of your business.
The two-way nature of communication will significantly boost your business. While you can comfortably provide direction and guidance to your Philippines-based team for their regular operations, they are also able to express their feedback with clarity and confidence. You will have an easier time addressing issues and concerns as soon as possible.

24/7 services 

Having a team based in another time zone presents significant advantages in terms of the presence and accessibility of your business. On one hand, you can increase engagement with your customers with an active team operating during off-hours on your side of the planet. 
But the nature of the offshore model also ensures that you can assemble a team that is available to match your business hours. In the Philippines, outsourced teams working in the evenings and deep into the graveyard shift are already common.

Firm foundation 

Having been a main anchor and contributor for the national economy since the early 1990s, the business process outsourcing industry has full support from the Philippine government. 
Because of this, crucial aspects that form the backbone of this industry have full support from state initiatives and measures. These include laws such as the Special Economic Zone Act (Republic Act No. 7916) and the Data Privacy Act (R.A. 10173).
The Philippine government is also investing in the development of the country’s information technology (IT) infrastructure to make the local BPO industry a major draw for foreign companies looking to offshore their operations.

Outstanding value for money 

For business owners, the best thing about outsourcing tasks to Filipino teams is the remarkable cost savings. Compared to developed nations like the United States, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom, the Philippines has fairly lower cost of living. 
In the Philippines, you can pay good wages for quality talent at a fraction of the cost that you would likely spend if you did so in your home country. The savings you get from your offshore workforce gives your business greater potential to profit and more opportunities to scale faster.
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