Setting up for success: Building your startup team in the Philippines

Setting up for success: Building your startup team in the Philippines

With your business finally set up and ready to start in the Philippines, it is time to build a startup team. A lot of responsibility rests on this initial group of employees, as the fate of your company in its early stages rests on their shoulders.


Finding the right people to populate your startup team can be tricky, however. Below, you will find several things you can do to find the best professionals and build the startup team of your dreams.


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    1. Identify the roles your company needsBefore you list down the job positions available in your company, it is important to identify what your business needs first. Start with the C-suite, which is the upper level of company management. You are the founder, but where does your expertise lie? Are you a management expert, a technical wizard, or experienced in handling finances? Take that role for yourself, then leave the other C-suite positions open.


      From there, identify key roles for your company. Product and business development, project management, marketing and communication, and sales are just some of the business processes your company might need. As your startup company grows, the people you hire for these positions might eventually become team or department leaders.


    1. Prioritize the most important rolesWith key roles identified, it is time to determine which ones should be given utmost priority. This will help you decide just how many people you need for that role or business process to be suitably manned.


      For instance, if your startup company specializes in creating and designing websites, it would be wise to start with at least two programmers, developers, and designers. The same rule can be applied if your company provides other products and services, such as SEO and marketing. Since your company is only starting out, it makes sense to have one account manager for now, and then hire more as your clientele grows.


    1. Determine full-time and part-time positionsAs you build your startup company from the ground up, it might be challenging for you to hire only full-time employees. Since you have already identified priority roles, it would be wise to make these full-time positions and then hire contractors and part-time employees to fill the other positions.


      If the contractors you hire have proven themselves capable, you can slowly ease them into becoming full-time employees if they are interested.


      Another thing to consider is to partner up with another firm in a sector that is connected to yours. For example, as a website design company, you might want to partner with an SEO and content marketing firm. This will help both companies attract more clients by offering a wider array of products. Once your startup company is on steady ground and ready for expansion, you can start developing your own SEO and content marketing team for continuity.


    1. Look for the right fitWith roles and job positions properly identified in terms of priority, it is time to look for professionals. In the Philippines, you can attract interested candidates through websites such as LinkedIn, JobStreet, and Kalibrr. Some of these websites even allow companies to reach out to professionals that seemingly fit available positions.


      Remember that your initial set of employees can make or break your startup company. For now, it is best to entertain and accept applications from professionals with relevant experience and skills. Down the line, as your company grows, you can start hiring fresh graduates with potential and develop their talents.


  1. Create a hiring process for your companyNow is the perfect time to create a hiring process that works for your company. Aside from the fact-checking and the standard interview, you can add an additional string of steps to properly identify suitable candidates.


    Some companies start their hiring process with a short exam which depends on the job they are applying for. Others conduct phone interviews and, from there, determine if a candidate will be invited to a formal interview. There are also companies that add a final interview, where the potential team leader or a panel of interviewers are invited to participate. This helps determine whether a candidate fits the team dynamic and culture.


    Do keep in mind that there is no single hiring process. Feel free to tweak your company’s hiring procedure as needed.


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