Real Time Posting of SSS Contributions

Real Time Posting of SSS Contributions

At present, all member contributions to the SSS are posted within 24 hours from the time they are paid. This is a huge improvement over the previous system where contributions were posted several days – even months – after they were made. The change is made possible with the adoption of the SSS electronic Collection System (e-CS) in January, 2018, as part of the Real-Time Posting of Contribution (RTPC) project.


The former manual posting system made obtaining a loan or claiming a benefit a longer process. One of the requirements in qualifying for a loan or a benefit is that the member must have made at least three contributions in the last 12 months. In many cases, information on a member’s contributions is updated only when an application for a loan or a benefit is made, and only then can the approval process for loan or claims applications start.


Paying SSS Contributions under the RTPC


As in pre-RTPC days, SSS members – both employers and individuals – may pay their contributions at authorized SSS branches or other payment channels, including accredited banks, overseas SSS collection partners, and payment centers like Bayad Center and SM Payment Centers. These facilities then record the contributions into the e-CS within 24 hours.


All members, including employers, self-employed individuals, voluntary members, and overseas workers, are required to register at My.SSS on the SSS website and provide all the information required to create an account.


When you’re ready to pay, log in to your My.SSS account and choose the Payment Reference Number (PRN) tab.


If you’re an employer, the system will generate a PRN and your electronic Contribution List (e-CL), or the list of employee members to whom the payments will be applied. You can update the e-CL to add or remove members or change other details, such as the contribution amount for an employee.


If you’re an individual member, you will be assigned a PRN and given a corresponding Statement of Account (SOA), which shows:


  • Your membership type
  • The applicable period for your payment
  • Your monthly contribution amount
  • The total amount to be paid covering the applicable period
  • The due date


As with the e-CL, the SOA may also be edited to change any of these information.


Processing SSS Payments Using RPNs


Once the correct information has been entered into the e-CL or SOA, the system generates a form, which you should print out and present when paying at an SSS payment facility. The facility then enters the payment information into the e-CS using your RPN. This updates your or your employees’ contribution information in the SSS system within 24 hours.


Most banks and other facilities with an online SSS payment system have updated their systems so users can enter generated PRNs when making their payments online.


You can access your updated contribution information anytime by logging in to your My.SSS account.


Other SSS Online Transactions


In addition to the RTPC, the SSS have also adopted other systems that allow members to perform several transactions online. These include claiming benefits for retirement, disability, death, funeral, maternity leave, sick leave, and others.


With the combination of RTPC and online transactions, the process for claiming benefits and obtaining loans from the SSS is considerably shortened.


If you need more information about these new SSS procedures, get in touch with FilePino at +1.806.553.6552 (USA) or +63.917.892.2337 (Philippines).