Understanding SEC Amendment: Increase in Authorized Capital

Understanding SEC Amendment: Increase in Authorized Capital

When a business begins, it is often small and doesn’t have a lot of capital. As the business grows and becomes more successful, it needs more money to expand its operations and keep up with demand.


But what if you could get more money without working harder or spending more time? What if there was a way to get more funding? That’s where increase in authorized capital comes in. In this article, you’ll understand the authorized capital increase’s goal, process, and requirements.


The Goal of SEC Amendment: Increase in Authorized Capital

An increase in authorized capital is a key part of any business’s growth strategy. A company’s authorized capital is the maximum amount of money it can raise through stock offerings. When a company has more money, it can do more things—from hiring more employees to expanding into new markets.


Increasing the authorized capital, if already fully subscribed, allows the businesses or foreign businesses to raise funds. It works by issuing shares of stock from the newly increased capital requested from the Securities and Exchange Commission or SEC. By increasing the authorized capital, companies can sell additional shares at higher prices, if desired, than they would have been able to sell them at previously—and they don’t have to increase their number of shareholders at all. This can be done if the same shareholders subscribe to the newly issued shares taken out of the increase in authorized capital.


What Is the Process? 

The process of increasing capital is a long and complicated process. It requires a lot of time, energy, and money. It can be a very rewarding process, though. Increasing your capital will allow you to expand your business, increase profits, and income, and increase growth opportunities.


The business needs to receive money through a new investor to increase capital. This payment can be reflected as advances or deposits for a future subscription. In either case, these need to show up in the audited financial statements of the company or the interim audited financial statement of the company. 


After submitting the requirements, the SEC will review your documents, and the SEC will inform the company of any changes or recommended corrections, if any. SEC will thereafter send a notification if the application has been approved and a note to settle a filing fee.


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