Must-have HR Policies and Forms

Must-have HR Policies and Forms

Human Resources policies are rules and guidelines for hiring, work processes, salaries, leave, training, promotion, work environments, termination, and other important functions. HR policies draw out the company’s treatment of its employees and its properties. These are developed by the Human Resource Managers together with the Administrative Management of the company.

The function of HR policies is to provide a set of guidelines not only for the employee but also for the Management to make decisions and ensure that the company’s rules and regulations are swiftly effected. These policies solidify the company’s structure and consistency in employment and work-related matters.

HR policies must be transparent and universally applied to all employees thus employees who are bound by HR Policies are required to be notified of these regulations. This will ensure the employee’s compliance and awareness of the Company’s rules. This will also help the management consistently regulate employee-related practices and smoothly carry out company policies and practices.


These are the basic Must-Have HR Policies:

1. Hiring and Recruitment Policies – these refer to the necessary documents for new hires, referrals, and evaluation forms. Standardizing the manner of interviews, selection and contract letter processes for equitable hiring is highly suggested.

2. At-Will Employment – There is no concept of at will employment for employees in the Philippines. Termination of an employee must always go thru the termination process depending if this person is for just cause or authorized cause. The closest “at will” employment will be “independent contractor” arrangements whereby the staff’s relationship with the employer is not “employment” meaning there is no “employer-employee” relationship. In this case, the Independent contractor’s services may be severed by following the termination notice found in the independent contractor agreement.


3. Compliance Policies – This refers to documents annexed to the contract that are required to be confirmed by the employee stating that he/she adheres to the company’s rules and regulations, these may include conformé to:


1) Employee Handbook
2) Operations Manual
3) Emergency Preparedness Manual
4) Safety and Health Manual


4. Anti-harassment and non-discrimination – these policies prohibit harassment and discrimination in the workplace. This will provide for procedures to raise grievances in the management. This policy should be patterned after the Safe Spaces Act of the Philippines.

5. Employment classifications – it is best to clearly outline the employment classifications to help the management underscore the benefits of each employee. This may include benefits between full-time or part-time employee; or as to the kinds of employees i.e. as regular, probationary, or contractual.

6. Compensation/Wage Policy – this policy will cover the employee’s benefits and payroll frequency. This also includes how the employees will be paid or when they will be paid.

7. Leave Policies – this policy provides how to file for the different types of leave such as maternity and paternity leave, sick leave, vacation leave, and etc.

8. Meals and Break Periods – meal and break period informs the employee of the duration of their breaks including rest periods in accordance with the Labor Code.

9. Using Company Property – include the documentation and procedures to process for the use of the company’s property such as tools and equipment necessary for the work of the employee and the workplace.

10. Employee conduct, attendance and punctuality – attendance policies reminds the employee of the commencement of their working hours and that they must be ready to work at their scheduled time.

11. Workplace Attire Policies – this prescribes the required attire in the company. It includes detailed information of how the company prefers their employees to be dressed in the workplace.

12. Safety and Health – these policies must provide safety and emergency procedures for the welfare of the employees in the workplace. It outlines how work-related injuries are reported and how these reports are to be acted upon by the employer.


To properly execute these policies, the employer must maintain records in administering HR policies and practices. These documents serves as records that the employees have undergone orientation upon hiring and was duly notified of the HR Policies:


1. Hiring forms – This will help you identify qualified candidate during the pre-hire process. This may include:

a. Application Form
b. Applicant Interview Sheet
c. Probationary Contract
d. Regularization Contract
e. Application for Company ID

2. Receipt of Company property – If the company provided tools and equipment, it must be documented to ensure that all property is returned and accounted for at the time of severance of employment.

3. Company Handbook Acknowledgements – upon signing this form, the employee acknowledges that they are responsible for reading and complying with all policies of the company. Obtaining signatures upon the first issue of the handbook is highly suggested to fully effectuate the terms set forth in the handbook.

4. Leave of absence – employees must file their request for a “time-off” or other types of leave in writing before the date of leave.

5. Performance and Discipline – this documents the performance of the employees at a certain period. This may include:

1) Probationary Evaluation Form based on KPI (Key Performance Indicator);
2) Monthly Performance Evaluation of each employee.

6. Business expenses – if employees have work-related travels, the same must be maintained in an expense log and submitted for reimbursement in writing.

7. Suspension and Termination – this includes notices and memos for infractions committed by the employee against the company, this may include:

a. Notice to Explain;
b. Incident Report Form;
c. Memorandum on Disciplinary Action Form;
d. Notice of Termination

These must-have HR Policies and Forms is the key in creating a healthy working environment to foster a good employment relationship within the company.


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