Kasambahay Check: Why do you need to conduct background check for your nanny before hiring them

Kasambahay Check: Why do you need to conduct background check for your nanny before hiring them

Building a family is no easy feat. As parents, it is one’s duty to make sure that your children are well-provided for. This includes ensuring that there is food on the table, that there is adequate clothing and a roof above everyone’s heads, and that vitamins and medicine are in stock in case of emergency. In the event that treatment is needed, parents have the responsibility to bring their children to the hospital to get the right care.



Education is also important, and thus any parent would want to send their children to the best school around. However, to be able to be the best parent that they could be, parents must work hard at building their careers, as well. This means staying long hours at the office or their respective workplaces. Thus, in order for the family to be able to take care of the affairs at home, help is needed.


This is where the role of the kasambahay comes into play.


The kasambahay or a nanny is one whose role is to help in the maintenance and upkeep of the household. This includes cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, running errands for the household, and taking care of the children. Due to this huge responsibility given to the kasambahay, the family must make sure that the kasambahay that they are hiring is trustworthy.


While the practice these days is to ask for referrals from family and friends, conducting background checks must also be done by the family themselves. This is so that they themselves are assured that the qualifications of the nanny that they are hiring are up to their standard.


One of the information that employers must look into is their basic credentials such as the primary address of the kasambahay, valid identification, previous employment, and testimony by referrals who know the kasambahay personally or may have worked with the nanny. By looking into this information, you can verify the identity of the kasambahay you are hiring, and you can also look into the reasons why the nanny’s past employment has ended. Did the nanny not get along with the previous employer? Was the nanny neglectful in the completion of the duties assigned? Another aspect that you can look into is the nanny’s criminal records, as well as records involving motor vehicle incidents. This is to ensure that the person that you are bringing into your home is not someone that can harm your family, take away your belongings, or may have means to use a vehicle for unlawful reasons.


Is the nanny wanted for any offense? Are you sure that you can leave the children alone under the care of the nanny for a period of time? Doing background checks will give you an assurance that your family is protected when bringing in another person into your home.


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