HR Practices in the Philippines

HR Practices in the Philippines

Human Resource (HR) is the practice of managing and overseeing the activities that are related to the recruitment, selection and retention of workers. It is one of the most important functions in any organization because it has a direct impact on productivity, reduction in turnover rates, employee satisfaction as well as overall organizational growth. It can be said that if an organization does not focus on its human resources, then it may fail miserably due to lack of qualified workers or high turnover rates among employees.


What is Human Resource?

Human Resources, or HR, is a department that is responsible for the recruitment, training and development of employees. The HR department is an important part of any organization because it ensures that the company has a high-quality workforce. This can help make sure that your business has everything it needs to be successful.

There are many different kinds of jobs in a human resources department:


  • Recruitment and selection: These employees have the responsibility of finding candidates who will be good fits for open positions at your company. They also review applications before sending them along to hiring managers so they can make sure that whoever gets hired will fit into your company culture well enough to be happy there for years to come.


  • Training & Development: This area focuses on developing skills within current employees so they can better serve customers or clients and continue doing their job well over time without getting bored or tired out by repetitive tasks day after day.


Importance of Human Resource

Human Resource Management is the foundation of any business organization. It is the human resource that provides the competitive advantage to an organization. Human Resource Management includes all activities and functions related to hiring, training, motivating and retaining employees.

Human Resource Management has become more important today because of globalization, technological changes and competition. All organizations are now faced with a growing need for highly skilled workers who can adapt quickly to changing conditions in order for them to survive or even prosper in this competitive environment.


Human Resource Practice in the Philippines

Human resource practices in the Philippines are characterized by a commitment to providing security for employees, fair performance-based compensation, and a safe, healthy and happy workplace.
In an effort to do this, HR practices include:


Selective hiring the right people

The right people are essential to the success of any business. When you select people for your team, you should consider their abilities and personalities. You should also hire people who have a good track record in their previous jobs, or at least show potential as soon as they start working for you.

When hiring new employees, it’s important to make sure that each person is capable of doing their job well and that they’re going to fit into your company culture. Your company culture can be defined by its values (such as customer service), goals (like increasing sales), behaviors (like being friendly, work-adaptable & sociable), or activities (like having regular meetings).


Training in Relevant Skills

Training in relevant skills is one of the HR practices you should implement in your workplace. It’s important that your employees have the necessary skills to perform their jobs well, so you should make sure they’re trained on their job’s specific requirements.

To determine if your training program is effective, consider its relevance to company goals and whether or not it’s part of an ongoing development plan. Make sure that your training programs are designed to enable employees to reach their full potential by improving performance at work, increasing productivity and promoting career growth.

A good training program will also be fun while being interactive at the same time. This helps make learning more enjoyable for both learners and instructors alike.


Maintain Safe, Healthy and Happy Workplace

The company is committed to an environment that is safe, healthy and happy for all employees. The HR department facilitates the organization’s efforts in this regard by conducting regular workplace inspections, medical checkups and wellness programs.

A workplace inspection is made to ensure that there are no hazardous conditions or other safety hazards at the work area which may cause injury or illness among employees. This includes checking on fire exits, proper lighting, electrical wiring and ventilation systems.

The company also makes sure that all employees are well-informed of their health benefits through our annual wellness program. All workers are required to undergo a physical examination annually in order to determine whether they are eligible for insurance coverage based on their particular health condition(s). Similarly, they must also undergo regular health examinations throughout their employment period in order to facilitate early detection of diseases like cancer or cardiovascular ailments before it’s too late.


Knowledge Sharing

Knowledge sharing is the process of sharing and exchanging information. It is a key factor in building a successful team because it helps to improve workplace productivity, build trust and improve communication, as well as reduce employee turnover.

In fact, companies with strong knowledge-sharing cultures can achieve better performance due to the diverse allotment of different culture-strata that may help develop social skills locally and globally.


Making Information Easily Accessible

Human resources can make information easily accessible to enable efficient communication in the organization. The three (3) main convenient tasks provided and practiced naturally by the Human Resource Team is to:

a) Provide information to the right people at the right time.
b) Provide information in a way that’s easy to understand.
c) Provide information in a way that will be used.

Providing these three (3) major components to an organization can slowly pave the way to success among the demands of the company’s work environment and help promote unity between its employees and employers.


Fair Performance-Based Compensation

An effective Human Resource program should focus on fair performance-based compensation. This means that employees are rewarded for their achievements, not just for showing up to work. Rewards can be in the form of recognition and accolades from management, promotions within the company, training opportunities that help employees gain new skills and capabilities, or even retention of employees by offering competitive salary packages.

A strong Human Resource department will also strive to keep employee satisfaction high through its programs. This can be achieved by providing a healthy work environment with fair policies and guidelines on discipline and promotion processes.


Open Book Management Style


At most, the Human Resource department guides the company through its financial and decision-making process by practicing the Open Book Management style.

The open book management style, which is used by many companies globally, gives employees a chance to see how their work impacts the company. They can see the company’s financials and how the company is doing. They can also see where the company is making money and where it is losing money.

With this information in hand, they are able to make better decisions about their jobs and have more ownership over their work as well as feel like they have a stake in its success or failure at every level of their organization.


At the end…

Human Resource is a crucial part of any business and should not be overlooked. Human Resource practices are essential in improving employee satisfaction, productivity and profitability of an organization. This can be done by developing a strong human resource management system that will help you attract the right talent, retain them for longer periods, provide effective training programs and make sure they stay healthy and happy at work.

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