How to Get Great People to Join Your Startup Team

How to Get Great People to Join Your Startup Team

Having a good team is key to your startup’s success. A strong team turns your vision into a reality by increasing efficiency and productivity, providing the right skills and experience, and driving your business growth.

There are several factors to consider as you start building your top-notch startup team. Here are some of them:

Define your mission and vision

One of the best ways to convince the right people to join your start-up business in the Philippines is to have a solid mission and vision. People are more likely to join a company or business when they see a mission or vision statement that makes them excited. What is the purpose of your business? What do you want to achieve or accomplish? Why does your startup exist?

Have a list of specific positions

Before you start looking for people, think about the positions that these potential members need to fill. What are the positions that are most needed in the company? What role will they play in the growth of the company? Knowing specifically what to look for in a team member helps in narrowing down your search.

Also, consider hiring remote team members or offering flexible work arrangements. You’ll have a wider range of talent whom you can work with.  Even if they aren’t physically in the office everyday, they can still make a huge contribution to your startup.

List down important traits for the position

In your search for potential hires, look for certain personality traits that fit the requirements of the job. Those possessing these traits will be good, both for your business and for the overall company culture.

Among the top qualities that you need to look for in a future hire are:

  • Flexibility

    As a startup, team members need to embrace flexibility to make the business grow. They must be willing to adapt to changing environments and learn how to handle it effectively.

  • Passion

    Passionate team members have a real interest in what they’re doing and participate actively in the company. They also help inspire other team members to constantly improve their performance.

  • Collaboration

    Finding people who can effectively work with other members of the team is a huge help in the long run. In finding out if a future hire fits the position, ask about their approach to the collaborative process and how they work with a diverse set of personalities.

Look for potential

Hiring a good team is not just about looking at their track record. It’s also important to see their potential and what they can bring to the table in order for the company to grow. Search for people who are passionate about causes that are similar to yours. Showing interest in the company’s future and eagerness to learn new skills are good indicators, as well.

Keep your company culture in mind

Aside from hiring based on job experience and skills, it’s also important to hire for cultural fit. Having team members with the same beliefs, behaviors, and values as your organization helps in creating diversity while having shared values. While defining your company’s culture can be a challenge, knowing who you are as an organization helps you find the right people.

Have a great work environment

Word of mouth can been effective way of looking for great talent to join your team. Those already on the team who see the great workplace environment would be more than happy to spread the word about your startup and why others should join it. To create a positive work environment, make sure to encourage team members, recognize hard work, and show members that you trust them. And don’t forget to have fun along the way.

Get the word out

Whether it’s online, at events, or during meet ups, it’s important to spread the word about your startup. Grab any opportunity you find to speak at events or talk to people. Networking is essential for a startup because it allows you to connect with like-minded individuals.

Using blogs, social media, and other relevant websites is another great way to let people know about your company. Share your mission and vision, why you started, and the lessons you have learned.

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