How Outsourcing will help your Philippine Business

How Outsourcing will help your Philippine Business

In running a business, progression is vital for success. Many business-owners seek partners and employees that could significantly help their enterprise grow.


What is Outsourcing?  

         A general practice often acquired by business-owners, outsourcing is the exercise of hiring “third-party” non-employees or companies to conduct specific business operations. Commonly, large companies often do the outsourcing in order to maintain consistent growth and productivity – not that we say small companies don’t, as outsourcing can be acquired by anybody out of necessity. More often than usual, tasks and jobs outsourced fall under performance-related, skill-oriented and support – hence, outsourcing completely assists you with the growth of your business.


Types of Outsourcing in the Philippines

There are three (3) ways to  conduct outsourcing for your business:


  • Onshore Outsourcing
    • This is outsourcing done within the country where your business is located.
  • Nearshore Outsourcing
    • This is outsourcing done between the bordering or neighboring countries and the country where your business is located.
  • Offshore Outsourcing
    • This is outsourcing done between far foreign countries and the country where your business is located.


When it comes to outsourcing third-party hires, most businesses classify them into categories such as:



The outsourcing categories mentioned above are one of the most commonly outsourced talents businesses usually acquire – as there are various outsources that fall into different categories. These categories may differ and branch out into more specific types of outsourcing that may prove to be necessary to your business.


The Benefits of Outsourcing

         Outsourcing is a great way to optimize productivity and cost-related factors for your daily business cycle. Since dealing with a growing business comes greater quality to staff, which in some instances are expensive – hence, outsourcing can provide you with already skilled workers that would do the job for you.


Performance-Efficiency: It boosts productivity!

         With outsourcing a third-party company or non-employee, a common ground to base qualifications necessary is to check the level of expertise they offer. Consequently, the higher the level of expertise, the better they do the job. Being said, this will help achieve consistent and efficient growth with the help of outsourced hirings.

         While there is no scarcity with the number of skilled and capable individuals who offer a variety of expertise, outsourcing may significantly give access to a broad spectrum of top talent. It saves your business a lot of time, particularly, with the time spent to train new employees of a company. We are not saying you should outsource instead of hire – but given that this is one of the advantages of outsourcing, if you lack the expertise, the manpower and the time, then outsourcing may be viable to you.  


Cost-Efficient: It saves you money and time!

Since the delegation of work tasks and loads involve bringing in more people to hire and manage, this saves you the cost and the time spent for this. The notion that revolves around this salient feature of outsourcing is “you do your thing, and I do mine” – meaning, a business will outsource talent specific for the job so that they do “their own thing”, whilst instead of spending the time that was supposed to be for delegation, you can now focus and acquire more time to do your “own thing”.

It retains your business flexibility – why? Well, in case your business heads towards the busy or peak season of the year, the flexibility to hire and outsource staff man-power is viable. This practice gives opportunities to businesses to hire-up without having financial commitments that are originally usually attached to hiring new employees. Consequently, hiring new in-house employees may put a burden on the cost-maintenance, thus outsourcing erases that burden. Since outsourcing displays a variety of skill sets and expertise, employers may freely pick among the crowd without having to delegate their time screening individuals that are new to the skill.

Ultimately, outsourcing saves you from further operating and overhead expenses that are naturally attached from new in-house hires – expenses such as benefits, training , equipment, etc. Since the embodiment of outsourcing is seeking help outside your company, it naturally saves you from the internal costing.   

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