Functions of the National Privacy Commission

Functions of the National Privacy Commission

The National Privacy Commission (NPC) was established by the Data Privacy Act of 2012, also known as Republic Act No. 10173. This independent body is in charge of administering and implementing RA 10173, as well as monitoring and ensuring compliance of the Philippines with international standards for data protection.

The NPC serves as the Philippines’ privacy watchdog. It upholds the law for information controllers or companies and individuals handling personal data. The body also reminds individuals, referred to as data subjects, of their rights over their personal data and how it is processed – the manner in which it is collected, stored, modified, erased, and destroyed.

With the founding of the NPC, the country joins the ranks of a network of privacy authorities from all over the world. More than 90 economies around the globe acknowledge privacy as a fundamental right of citizens, while at the same time they recognize the value of the free flow of information in order to facilitate growth and innovation. 

The NPC commits itself to the promotion of international data processing standards to be adopted nationally and to also anticipate cross-border privacy concerns that may arise as economies become more interconnected.


The mandate of the NPC

The NPC’s functions include the following:

  • Ensure information controllers’ compliance with the Data Privacy Act of 2012
  • Receive and address complaints from individuals and businesses
  • Initiate queries and investigations on all matters affecting data privacy
  • Serve cease and desist orders, as well as impose temporary or permanent bans on the processing of personal information in cases where processing can have a detrimental effect on public interest and national security
  • Resolve disputes between data subjects and information controllers in an effective and transparent manner, using powers granted to the NPC as a quasi-judicial and regulatory body
  • Use the general authority to compel legal entities, including the government and its instrumentalities, to comply with orders and take action on matters concerning data privacy
  • Create a culture that is protective of citizens’ data privacy rights
  • Offer guidance on data privacy and data protection to any party seeking assistance
  • Allow for the cross-border enforcement of data privacy laws


The NPC delivers services in order to:

  • Act as the authority on data privacy and protection, offering knowledge, technical know-how, and relevant technology to any party in need of assistance
  • Create a regulatory environment that upholds accountability in the processing of personal data and observes global standards in data privacy and protection
  • Foster a culture of privacy, one that upholds citizens’ right to privacy and allows for the free flow of information by empowering people



The NPC envisions itself as a world-class enforcement and regulatory agency that upholds individuals’ rights to data privacy and protection while at the same time ensures the free flow of information.


It sees itself as an agency that is future-oriented, ethical, and committed to excellence — driven by a highly competent workforce towards an innovative, competitive, and knowledge-based nation. 


Current members

  • Privacy Commissioner and Chairman: Raymund Enriquez Liboro
  • Deputy Privacy Commissioner: Atty. Ivy Patdu
  • Deputy Privacy Commissioner: Atty. Leandro Angelo Aguirre


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