A Guide To Filling Out Your eFPS Application

A Guide To Filling Out Your eFPS Application

Tax preparation and payment can be tedious, especially if you have to do it by hand. As a result, the Philippine government established the eFPS system, which enables people to submit and pay their taxes electronically.


The BIR created and maintained the eFPS(electronic Filing And Payment System). As long as you have a reliable internet connection, it enables you to file your taxes without using paper and settles them wherever you are. Additionally, it’s accessible for 24 hours a day every week, including holidays.


What Conditions Must Be Met To Use The System?

To use the eFPS system, see below conditions you need to fulfill: 


– You must first register with the BIR-Integrated Tax System;

– The next step is to send a Letter of Intent to use eFPS along with a Certification from the Corporation’s President authorizing two (2) officers to file returns and enroll for eFPS.

– After sending a Letter of Intent to use eFPs, you must enroll with any eFPS-Authorized Agent Bank (eFPS-AAB) so that you can use their e-payment system.


What Are The Steps For Signing Up For The eFPS?

Step 1: Open your web browser and navigate the BIR website at www.bir.gov.ph.


Step 2: To access the eFPS home page, click on the eFPS icon.


Step 3: Select the “Enroll to eFPS” link on the eFPS Login page.


Step 4: The eFPS enrollment form occurs on the Enrollment Form page. Fill in the necessary fields and press the “Submit” button afterward.


You will receive a pop-up notification from eFPS confirming that your enrollment was received successfully. Your enrolment status will then be communicated to you by email from BIR, either authorized or rejected. Within three (3) to ten (10) working days, the BIR should send you an email to let you know your enrolment status. Once your account has been activated, you are prepared to use eFPS’ facilities, includes e-filing and e-payments.


Does eFPS Offer Secure Transactions?

The system has built-in security measures. Every transaction’s data transmission is encrypted and protected using cutting-edge technology from VERISIGN and SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), the industry-standard protocol for secure Web-based interactions. 


The system’s enrollment and log-on facility, which has two levels of protection for username, password, and challenge question, also handle user validation or authentication. 


To prevent network breaches and prolonged downtime, eFPS is safely housed and secured by cutting-edge security features, including firewalls, intrusion detection, and anti-virus systems. The payment instructions issued by eFPS to their e-payment facilities are secured by the same security procedures used by eFPS.


What Are The System’s Advantages?

Easy to use. It is quick, straightforward, and safe.


Interactive. Users who enroll, provide electronic documents, or make electronic payments receive rapid feedback from the system.


Self-validating.  Errors are reduced since all of the data provided by the taxpayer is verified before being submitted in its entirety.


Quicker than manual filing in terms of response or acknowledgment time. The system enables taxpayers to immediately encode, submit, and pay their tax returns electronically. Due to the ease provided by the eFPS, filing and payment can be done whenever and wherever there is an Internet connection.


Easily accessible. eFPS is accessible every day of the week, including weekends and holidays, 24 hours a day. Although the eFPS system does occasionally go down, it is always announced in advance.


Secure. Since all data communication is encrypted, return, and payment transactions are more secure.


Convenient. Processing fees for payments and returns are kept to a minimum (e.g., receiving, pre-processing, encoding, error-handling, and storage).


Efficient Tax Filing With FilePino

In addition to having the obligation to pay your taxes, you should keep in mind that filing your taxes on time is essential. As a result of paying your taxes on schedule, you’ll gain the following advantages:

-Avoid additional interest and fines.

-Prevent losing upcoming refunds. Any refund is first applied to any past taxes due, in full or in part.


If you’re having trouble doing so, you can always ask for help. With FilePino, filing your taxes on time would be as easy as 1, 2, and 3. Contact us here.

Tax filing and payment can be made online using the online platform. You can file by providing the required documentation online. Payments can be done at legally recognized payment locations, via bank transfer, or using a few specific mobile cash apps. Remember that you can pay online without issues if you keep your bookkeeping, accounting, and audits up to date.