DOLE 1020: The Enrollment Process

DOLE 1020: The Enrollment Process

Why do we need to register?

In an economic-driven environment, the Philippines is known for its booming-business regions around the country. As an employer, one takes the responsibility of ensuring the rights and welfare of their employees. Being said, registering with DOLE is one of the key factors to ensuring their rights be well protected – so-to-speak a significant factor for employees to be well-aware of its essentiality.

Pursuant to Rule 1020: REGISTRATION, mandated by the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE), provides that –


“Every employer as defined in Rule 1002 (1) shall register his/her business with the Regional Labor Office (RLO) or authorized representative having jurisdiction thereof to form part of a databank of all covered establishments.” (R1021,DOLE


Its significance is parallel to mandatory, as this provides DOLE to acquire and record information in pursuit to proper enforcement of its activities – a work guide if you may simply call it.

Subsequently, stated under Rule 1022: Registrable Unit affirms that establishments shall be considered as one (1) registrable unit, regardless of the size of its economic activity.


“The establishment regardless of size of economic activity, whether small, medium or large scale in one single location, shall be one registrable unit.” (R1022,DOLE)


DOLE 1020 Registration Fee

Registering under DOLE 1020 is free of charge. Once registered, its validity lasts a lifetime, except for instances where:


  1. the need to change the establishment NAME, ADDRESS and/or OWNERSHIP is necessary; or
  2. the need to re-open the establishment after its previous closing.


The aforementioned instances above will directly affect the validity depending on the circumstances attached to the establishment.


Enrolling with DOLE 1020 – When do we do that?

The period for registration follows Rule 1023, where it is provided that:


(1)  Existing establishments shall be registered within sixty (60) days after the effectivity of these Standards.

(2)  New establishments shall register within thirty (30) days before operation


The Requirements

Before proceeding with registering with DOLE 1020, one must first prepare the following legal documents for submission.


1) Scanned copy of duly accomplished and signed Registration Form.

(To Note: DOLE is now accepting electronically signed Registration Form. To obtain the registration form online, CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD FORM


2) The Latest copy of the Business Permit issued by the Local Government Unit (LGU)

Furthermore, if the need arises due to specific circumstances, the following documents may be requested:


  1. Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) Registration Certificate / SEC registration certificate
  2. Valid License or Business Permit/Mayor’s Permit
  3. BIR Form 2303
  4. Certificate of PhilJobNet Registration
  5. Screenshot of Location of the Establishment
  6. Fire Safety Inspection Certificate 


The Procedure:

When proceeding to register an establishment with DOLE 1020, the DOLE-BWC-IP-3 form must be furnished in three (3) copies – after which it is to be submitted to the Regional Labor Office (RLO) or its authorized representatives.




  1. Proceed to the DOLE Official Website and Fill out the needed information. 
  2. Scan all the required documents.
  3. Move the files to a FOLDER, rename the folder using the given format “Company_name_Requirements”
  4. Compress the folder into ZIP FILE (refer to this link for instructions)
  5. Upload compressed file to Google Drive
  6. Allow file to be shared
  7. Copy and Paste the link of the Google Drive in the box shown in the Online Application


After completion of steps 1-9, you may proceed to submit it to the DOLE office having jurisdiction of the establishment you registered. Do not forget to request for a receiving copy of the submission for filing.

Moreover, it will take a week or so to issue a duly approved certificate to obtain the effectiveness of its lifetime validity – assuming the documents needed are sufficient in your case. Once the certificate is acquired, it is best to display its issuance in your establishment.


Do you need help in registering your company?

We can assist you with completing and filing your documents with DOLE. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us through the following:

Landline: (02) 8478-5826

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