Can co-working spaces help your start-up business in the Philippines even during COVID-19?

Can co-working spaces help your start-up business in the Philippines even during COVID-19?

Co-working spaces are a popular office setup that’s here to stay. These shared workspaces are a great option for those who want a work setting that’s different from a coffee shop or their home office. A co-working space typically has office-like amenities such as desks, chairs, meeting rooms, sockets, and a common area.

In the Philippines, co-working spaces have been growing rapidly, especially in the metro. Millennials, startups, and even multinational companies prefer to now work in a non-traditional space.
While the pandemic affected many markets and industries, co-working spaces continue to survive. Wondering if co-working spaces can help your start-up business amid the pandemic? Read on to find out.

Co-working spaces and startups

Most startup businesses in the Philippines have chosen co-working spaces as the place to run their business in and for good reason. Co-working spaces are more cost-effective than traditional office spaces. It helps reduce your costs since the fees already include water, electricity, sanitation, and other administrative costs.
For a good price, you can already get good Wi-Fi, free coffee, comfortable furniture, and a fully-equipped kitchen. They also have different membership options. From dedicated desks or a private office, you can rent a space that fits the needs of your startup. Co-working spaces also offer flexibility. You can use the space whenever you need it, whether you need it on a day-to-day or a month-to-month basis.
The collaborative atmosphere in a co-working space is another reason why startups often choose this type of setup. You have a unique opportunity to work with other startups, along with different professionals, established companies, and multinational corporations.

How co-working spaces operate in a pandemic

Businesses all over the world have made the necessary adjustments for operating during a pandemic and co-working spaces are no different. Personal space for clients and cleanliness is a priority for co-working spaces. To ensure the health and well-being of clients, many co-working spaces in Metro Manila take temperature checks upon entrance, leave out alcohol dispensers, and have regular cleaning and disinfecting schedules. Some co-working spaces even place plexiglass shields in between desks for additional protection.

An alternative space for working

Co-working spaces continue to be a useful resource for professionals and start-ups in the Philippines. Since most continue to work from home, a co-working space provides a great escape from remote work. Isolation and burnout from remote working happens more often than you think, especially to those who are used to working in an actual office everyday. It’s also no secret that concentrating at home can be difficult.
With a co-working space, you can maintain the proper social distancing measures while being in a completely different work environment. Using a co-working space for your startup also allows you to focus on the operations without worrying about running your home office or looking for a place to work remotely.

Adapting to space restrictions

Maintaining a physical distance of six feet can be a challenge, especially if you need to work closely with other members of your team. Co-working spaces typically have a modern office layout that allows for redesigning and rearranging furniture to comply with social distancing measures.

More flexibility

One of the best features about a co-working space is its flexibility. Since COVID-19 is an uncertain time, many businesses tend to start downsizing or restructuring their teams. You may also experience a growth in your startup business and the need to add more team members. Whether you’re after more space or less space, you don’t have to worry about finding a different area to work in since co-working spaces can adapt to your needs.

Virtual networking opportunities

Co-working spaces are known to provide the perfect opportunity for networking. With the diverse mix of professionals who stay in co-working spaces, you can bump into someone with a similar profession or one completely different from yours. Some co-working spaces even hold events that bring like-minded people together. While meeting new people and networking in the age of COVID-19 is a challenge, it’s not impossible.
You can find virtual networking events or join virtual conferences through a co-working space. These networking opportunities are typically held in various online platforms such as Zoom, Google Meet, Skype, and Microsoft Teams. Webinars and live streams over social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube are often held as well.
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