A More Thorough Discussion on Data Privacy

A More Thorough Discussion on Data Privacy

National Privacy Commission (NPC) Deputy Commissioner Ivy Patdu has urged government and businesses to uphold the Data Privacy Act by going beyond policies and procedure and working to transform culture so that everyone in the organization understands the significance of data privacy.

By October 2017, over 5,000 private and government organizations had registered their data protection officers (DPO) with the NPC, showing their commitment to data privacy.

The deadline for DPO registration was September 9, 2017, but Patdu said that NPC would accept late registration.

Not just a checklist item

Patdu believes that organizations shouldn’t look at data privacy at just another box to tick off their list. Instead of being treated as a burden, it should be seen as a form of accountability. Otherwise, people might forget what the Data Privacy Law is for.

She also stresses the importance of understanding the importance of personal data. Organizations must ensure that all employees know why they do what they

Compromised data privacy can cause personal data to fall in the wrong hands, which could lead to very real consequences for data subjects.

Discussions on data privacy

Thorough discussions have taken place through seminars, workshops, and trainings. For example, Privacy Awareness Week (PAW) 2019, held from May 25 to 31, was a nationwide celebration meant to advance the protection of personal data and ensure the free flow of information.

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte declared that PAW be observed every year in the last week of May.

This year’s program featured presentations on global, regional, and national trends in privacy, data protection, digital rights, and company compliance. Other presentations tackled gender, freedom of information, ethics, and advanced phishing.

Guests included Asec. Michel Kristian Ablan of the Presidential Communications Operations Office, Ehxia Dondonilla of the National Archives of the Philippines, and Elizabeth Denham, chairperson of the International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners.

Organizations are also encouraged to engage data subjects in celebrating PAW.

NPC suggests five (5) ways to do this:

  • Generate interest through lunch and learn sessions, discounts, freebies, parlor games, and promotional materials like videos and streamers.
  • Cultivate a habit of privacy mindfulness at the workplace.
  • Take pride in efforts to protect stakeholders as digital citizens.
  • Empower customers, members, clients, and employees be letting them know they play a crucial role in protecting their privacy online.
  • Spread the word by broadcasting their organization’s celebration activities.

Increased data privacy awareness among Filipinos

A June 2017 Social Weather Survey (SWS) found that 85% of respondents believed that organizations’ acknowledgement of personal data privacy rights was important, while 94% stated that they would like to know where the information they provide during applications and transactions will be used.

The survey shows that Filipinos value their privacy, and that organizations must take heed.

When asked which private institutions they trusted most in the collection of personal information, schools were perceived to be the most trustworthy, with a +85 net trust rating, with hospitals and clinics trailing behind at +71.

For consultations on data privacy rights in the Philippines, get in touch with FilePino at +1.806.553.6552 (USA) or +63.917.8922337 (Philippines).