How to Hire the Right People in the Philippines

How to Hire the Right People in the Philippines

Hiring the right people is one of the biggest challenges that businesses of all sizes face – all the more so if you’re launching your enterprise somewhere other than your home turf. In this article, we want to share some of the insights we’ve gained over the years about how to find top talent in the Philippines.

Advertise in the right places.
  • Nothing is going to happen if your prospective hires don’t even know you exist. The vast majority of jobseekers in the Philippines typically turn to the Internet first when they’re looking for opportunities, so you should definitely concentrate on getting the word out online.

  • Partner up with a local recruiting firm or hire a dedicated recruitment specialist to do the initial screening.

  • Most are signed up with online job sites like JobsDB.com and Jobstreet.com.ph.

  • Make sure you also have a careers page on your site.

Have clear job descriptions.
  • Don’t be vague about what the job entails and what your expectations are, not unless you’re willing to filter through what could be thousands of applications.

  • On the other hand, make sure that you’re not putting in too many requirements either as this might turn off potential applicants.

  • Reach out to whatever contacts you have here. There’s a good chance that they can provide you with referrals or at least point you in the right direction.

  • Connect with local universities as well, they regularly hold job fairs and are a great resource for fresh talent.

Do background checks
  • When setting up a business in a foreign country, make sure to protect and maximize your investment by hiring the best talent. Background checks and verification services are essential especially if you’re filling in top-tier positions.

Happy employees make for great word-of-mouth advertising.
  • The more happy your current employees are, the likelier it is for them to communicate their satisfaction with friends and family.

  • Filipinos have numerous social ties, the word will definitely spread and help you attract qualified job seekers.

Once you have the right people in place, don’t think that that’s the end of it. You will certainly want to take steps to ensure that you’ll be keeping them as well. Ready to get your hiring process started? Talk to us if you need help and check back often for more hiring tips and other insights on doing business in the Philippines.