Why you should consider Employee Leasing Services in the Philippines

Why you should consider Employee Leasing Services in the Philippines

Staff Leasing in the Philippines is continuously increasing as more local and foreign companies are availing of these services. Filipinos are widely known for being diligent and proficient workers. These qualities are some of the reasons why Filipinos are always listed as the top outsourced staffing destinations in the world.


This article will tackle the advantages and benefits of staff leasing.

What is Staff Leasing?

Also known as “staff augmentation” or “employee leasing,” Staff Leasing is defined as a business model where companies outsource the workforce through a Professional Employer Organization (PEO). The PEO outsources potential professional employees fit for your employment requirements. They can assist your business with these services, as they primarily provide the following:


  • Administrative management in employee tasks.
  • HR consultancy.
  • Accounting, which is usually the payroll.
  • Hiring or providing technical skills.

Staff leasing is an excellent solution for companies that want to increase their flexibility, improve their internal processes, offer their customers a higher level of service, and increase productivity while keeping costs fixed and under control.
Hiring staff can be a cost-efficient and convenient strategy to get the talent you need, ensuring continuous growth for your business. Listed below are some of the advantages to Staff Leasing that you might want to take into consideration in availing of this service:

Advantages of Staff Leasing in the Philippines

  • More focus on other business matters
  • Staff leasing is a simple and hassle-free process that lets your company concentrate on other important matters. Furthermore, administrative responsibilities such as human resource management, employee payroll, compensation services, risk management assistance, training, and development are minimized.


  • Reduction of liabilities
  • Staff leasing can help reduce your operating expenses. It also reduces the liabilities, such as tax and insurance. It also helps eliminate tedious matters, such as considering the payroll, human resource (HR) costs, and other compensations. With staff leasing, you can avoid high wage and benefit packages, recruitment expenses, training costs, and employee turnover.

  • Management of employee performance
  • Staff leasing manages the performance of employees in the company and reviews other matters that can further grow and improve the company’s performance. It also enables access to highly trained resources without the long-term cost associated with hiring and retaining permanent employees.
    Companies should be aware of all the benefits that staff leasing offers to their organization. Highly skilled employees and reduced costs are just a few advantages that a company can benefit from.

  • Professionalism of Filipinos
  • Filipinos are multilingual. They can proficiently communicate using various languages such as Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, and many more.
    The Philippines is also considered the third-largest English-speaking country in the world, the highest in Asia, and has an English-literate workforce.
    As a result of colonization by the United States, Japan, Spain, and other countries, various values and traditions were adopted by Filipinos. It influenced them to adapt easily to any work environment and execute their work effectively and productively. These qualities can help your company expand your business.
    Staff leasing in the Philippines is undeniably one of the best options if you are looking for a quick, convenient, and cost-effective way to hire staff and build your team.

  • Government Support in Outsourcing Industry
  • The Philippine government provides strong support for the outsourcing industry, as it is one of the country’s economic pillars and revenue generators. Thus, they implemented the following programs and initiatives to help remedy the industries, especially with the situation of Covid-19:

    1. Affordable or free vocational courses related to the outsourcing industry;
    2. Tax and non-tax incentives to support foreign investments in the country;
    3. Partnerships with different sectors, especially universities, create programs that prepare the industry’s future workforce.


    Staff leasing will allow your company to grow and manage your business efficiently. You can hire and fire employees as needed, allowing flexibility in your business model. It is a cost-effective way to get the right people for your business. Additionally, staff leasing provides you with access to a larger pool of talent than locally available, which would be feasible for a long time.


    When you want to hire a staff leasing service provider to help you, there is a lot to consider. The most important thing is understanding your needs and finding the best company to meet them. If you’re looking for more information, contact us today!


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