What every startup should outsource

What every startup should outsource

Today’s startup companies have access to near-endless possibilities, thanks to technology that allows them to operate at instant speed. Decades ago, the idea of an entrepreneur working with someone from across the globe sounded impossible – presently, it has become the norm.

While nearly all types of businesses can get many benefits from outsourcing, startups in particular are positioned to gain the most out of it, as long as they research and plan properly.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at how startups can streamline their operations by outsourcing certain functions of their business.



Many successful companies hire third party agencies to handle their accounting tasks in order to avoid delays and technical problems. Outsourcing accounting duties, either by tasking out specific accounting jobs to an offshore firm or employing a remote accountant, can be more efficient and affordable than working with more established auditing firms.

Processing tax can often be tedious and time-consuming, so outsourcing these particular functions can help a startup from being burdened by the complexities of the tax process.



Establishing an entire separate department for legal functions is unnecessary for most startups. A better alternative is to hire just one or two legal consultants to provide advice on legal matters and handle the legal aspects of the company.

By delegating these tasks to an outsourcing company, a startup will be able to focus on their core competencies in producing and offering their services or products.


Human resources

Although the human resources division is an essential part of any company’s core structure, a typical startup usually does not have the budget to afford one during the early stages.

Through outsourcing firms that offer assistance to human resource management, a startup will be able to save time and effort by delegating processes such as recruiting, hiring, and training staff.

Outsourcing companies that specialize in human resource management can help a startup immensely, as they often do a better job to what a company can do, especially if their business’ nature is completely unrelated to human resources.


Digital marketing

Startups which are in no way related to digital marketing are not expected to thrive in this particular function. While many people are already familiar with how to use social media, there are plenty of experienced personnel who specialize in using digital platforms specifically for marketing purposes.

Digital marketing is a complex process, and it involves different types of work. For businesses to be successful these days, they must have an online presence, whether through a website or a social media platform, in order to reach and connect with potential clients and customers.

Startup companies can greatly benefit from hiring an outsourcing firm or a remote worker to work on their online strategy and social media presence. A startup can form a team consisting of social media managers, web designers and developers, copywriters, or blog managers to handle different functions.


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