Home-based business ideas for 2018

Home-based business ideas for 2018

The Philippines is a thriving hub for budding entrepreneurs and business owners. Every year brings a set of innovative and creative home-based businesses that provide exceptional products and services. Here are some great home-based business ideas for 2018:


1. Selling products online  One of the most popular businesses in the Philippines is selling products online. Filipinos know how to harness the power of the internet when it comes to selling hot ticket items like cosmetics, clothes and accessories, arts and crafts, and gadgets. Online sellers just need a camera, a laptop, and the internet to start selling their goods and services.

There are plenty of e-commerce websites such as Lazada, Shopify, and OLX that can be used as an online shop. Items can also be sold through Facebook and Instagram.


2. Scented candles or soap making Beauty and wellness products have always been popular among Filipinos. The good news is that these products can be easily made at home. All you need are the basic ingredients, workspace, and the time to research and develop your products. Most homemade soaps and candles are sold through e-commerce websites, social media sites, or bazaars.


3. Consultancies Experts and professionals can also start their own consulting business from their home. These consultants provide expert advice on a wide variety of topics such as accounting, finance, business, communication, legal matters, and many more. Being a consultant allows you to offer your skill set to people and organizations that need it while you remain in charge of your own time.


4. Blogging  Blogging has become a popular profession. Personal bloggers (or video counterparts called vloggers) can earn money just by regularly posting well-written content. Various brands often sponsor this content and the products featured in each blog post or video. Blogging topics can range from lifestyle, food, beauty, and specific hobbies, among others. Many Filipinos have become successful through their engaging blogs and vlogs.


5. Online English tutor Teaching English to people who are regard it as a second language is a great home-based business idea. Look for opportunities in online English tutorial centers that offer flexible teaching hours. Most online English tutorials are conducted from the home of the tutor, with students likely from Japan and South Korea.


6. Baking Baking is another popular home-based business idea. There are many successful entrepreneurs who operate from home and sell cookies, cupcakes, bread, and pies from special recipes they themselves developed. These baked goods are often sold in bazaars, local stores, or online.


7. Personal trainer With the rise of many upscale fitness gyms around key urban areas, having a personal trainer has become an affordable option for a number of Filipinos. People who have trained and become fitness buffs can offer personal training services and group fitness classes. Sessions can be held in a nearby gym or at the home of the client. FilePino is uniquely positioned to help you set up your new business here in the Philippines. If you’re just starting a new company, we have the contracts and knowhow to grow your business quickly.


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